An Integrated Ad Agency

An Integrated Full Service Agency

V + C is an advertising &branding agency that has the knowledge, experience and technology you need to attract, engage and promote your company culture.
Brands have personalities and at V + C we work with you to discover that personality and bring it out in everything your company communicates.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well


V + C provides targeted design and execution for our clients. From interactive web to video thru to print and wearables our design process cuts thru the clutter down to the core answer in design. We don't just design for our clients. We design to engage our clients customer base and more.

Web Development

We focus on delivering experiences that are immediately compelling and endurably engaging. By embracing the interactivity of an online platform while taking into account the uniqueness of web browsing. At Vanhele + Curran we reate experiences tailored to online sensibilities. It’s our integration into the clients we creative for that sets us apart.

Creative Direction

Our ability to create and engage with the clients that we work with allows V + C the ability to understand objectives and strategies. We then execute creative and creative solutions that not only work...but provide tangible and trackable results.

  • Design

    We have over 30 years combined advertising agency design experience.

    That experience has allowed us to work with international brands in film, television, restaurants and illustration that not only sets us apart. It sets us up as unique.

    Our solutions are not limited to just design. We look at our customers entire reach within a marketplace and then create solutions.

  • Business

    Business is about being able to provide trackable solutions.

    Money spent to promote your business should bring about a return. A return that not only builds confidence within our client relationships, but brings about a noticeable return on investment.

    Our integration within our client's businesses means that we are just as accountable to your success as we are to the solutions that we present..

We have creative solutionsfor our clients become one today.

  • Glacial Gold

    Glacial Gold is a premium extract company based in British Columbia.


    Terpenes. The Elite Experience for Everyone. We like to think of it as Cannabis Evolved!

    Errlectric Canada

    Errlectric® Concentration Stations™ are professionally designed and manufactured from the ground-up to be the best performing electric nails at a great value.

  • Root Sciences

    At Root Sciences, we are committed to furthering our understanding of the science of cannabis.

    Canadian Automobile Dealers Association

    The national association for franchised automobile and truck dealerships that sell new cars and trucks.

    Get Bakedables

    Get Bakedables all started when a young couple in love with the idea of a deliciously effective cannabis cookie found themselves living with Grandma.

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